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26th Annual Society of Typographic Arts Design Inspiration Weekend

An intimate, design-focused weekend focused on the topic, "Extending the Narrative"

Jan 18
  • January 18 – January 20
  • Eaglewood Resort & Spa

In contrast to a conference, the Weekend is an intimate event. It’s a great way to meet new people or reconnect, to get invigorated, and to live it up or enjoy downtime. 

All Saturday and Sunday presentations are given by attendees, because all attendees are given the opportunity to speak, and most do! Join us and contribute your view on this year’s theme.

Extending the Narrative
At the beginning of a project, designers may start with anything from a scant brief to a whole manuscript. Whatever the length or depth of the given information, the main function of design is to represent the content and give it life. How do designers visualize and extend a narrative? Let’s share our design narration experiences in illumination of the creative process.

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