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An introduction to Chicago's New Digital Marketing Collaborative

Learn About Chicago's New Digital Marketing Collaborative

Sep 08
  • September 8
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Chicago Public Library - Chinatown branch

Are you working in Digital Marketing? Are you interested in working in Digital Marketing? Chicago is one of the top advertising cities in the world and we are developing a full-service Digital Marketing agency owned by its workers, managed by its workers and 100% of its profits goes to its workers.

The Ad industry is projected to reach 50 billion in revenue in 2018 on the backs of its underpaid and undervalued workers. We want advertising workers to take a more significant chunk of that revenue home.

Going from a freelancer to a full-service digital marketing agency is not easy unless you have a lot of money. You'll need to hire sales, web designer, social media managers, content writers, coders and other. It takes money or..........time.

What is a digital marketing cooperative?

Digital Marketing Cooperatives are owned, controlled, and operated by digital marketers for their own benefit. Each member contributes equity capital, and shares in the control of the firm by one-member, one-vote principle. Equal member receives a portion of the revenue equal to their work.

Therefore Chicago Digital Marketing Collaborative is funded by its workers, managed by its workers and operated for the benefit of its workers. We are in the founding phases of building the Chicago Digital Marketing Collaborative which will consist of a select group of digital marketing professionals working together to gather market share in the digital marketing space. 

We are bringing a group of digital marketing strangers together and making them partners. Giving us the ability to build an agency rapidly and therefore we invite web designer, social media managers, PPC experts, data analysts, content writers, coders, SEO experts, digital sales experts to come network and learn about this new cooperative digital marketing agency and hopefully join the founding team.

Together Systems (US) is a non-profit who help workers become owners and fight for financial equality and inclusion in the business world. One of the ways we do this is by purposely helping people form groups, which become cooperatives.

What to expect?

On September 8 @ 1 pm will be hosting a group introduction and interviewing sessions. At this session, you will learn what it takes to operate a cooperative and be a worker-owner. You will get a chance to meet founding team members, coop advisors, and learn about income prospects, costs and set expectations.

The first 45 minutes will consist of introductions and an overview of a cooperative. The second hour will consist of networking and building found teams.

  • Web Designer

  • Social Media Managers

  • Programmers

  • Search Engine Optimization Experts

  • Search Engine Marketing Experts

  • Influencer Marketing Experts

  • Project Managers

  • Marketing Consultants and Strategist

  • Content Writers

  • other digital experts

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