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Content Marketing: The New Power of Value

A two day session on the fundamentals of Content Marketing

Mar 28
  • March 28 – March 29
  • One Prudential Plaza - AMA Support Center

Ad overload, the not-so-great ROI data on social marketing, and ever-increasing consumer power. This is the current—and daunting—landscape facing any marketer who’s interested in filling the top of a sales funnel. For many organizations, shifting their marketing efforts (and talent) from Promotion to Publishing has proved to be an effective way to spread a brand’s story, engage potential customers, and create brand loyalty and ambassadors. 

Content Marketing can be thought of as Value Adding Marketing: Creating informative or entertaining content in and around the domain of the product or service in order to attract prospects and encourage engagement. Instead of buying space on existing channels, Content Marketing focuses on building channels that an organization can own, an approach that is returning more for many organizations who are willing to invest in it.

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