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Creative Mornings: Audience Takes The Stage

The audience takes the stage in this version of the monthly event.

Dec 18
  • December 18
  • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Virtual

Alina Celeste Hevia is an educator, musician, writer and content creator. Her YouTube Channel won the Parents’ Choice Gold Award in 2018 and she is a Jubilation Foundation Fellow of 2020. She creates bilingual, educational and artistic experiences with her partner, Hamlet “Mi Amigo” Meneses, at www.GoCreativePrograms.com. Follow Alina on Youtube.

Ozzy Gamez – Maybe it goes without saying, but at Plant Shop Chicago, we love plants. A lot. We love them so much that we think everyone should love them as much as we do, and that’s really what our little nursery is all about. Specializing in tropicals, succulents, cacti, and a whole host of other awesome, hard-to-find houseplants, we’re here to add more green to your home without cramping your lifestyle or budget. Along with helpful tips and tricks that come free of charge with every purchase, we also offer a variety of workshops and classes, so when you’re ready to foster that green thumb of yours, you know where to find us. In the meantime, we’ll be here, lovin’ on these plants until they get the chance to go home with you. Follow the Plant Shop Chicago on Instagram, @plantshopchicago.

Britt Hankins is a Discoverability Supervisor at VMLY&R. She works across many Fortune 500 brands for digging into search insights and analyzing data to fuel creative projects. The end goal is to aid in client discoverability online – from websites to apps to online retailers. Follow Britt on Instagram at @brittwithintent.

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