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Creative Mornings with Sam Trump

Multi-instrumentalist Sam Trump speaks as part of a series on, "Release"

Aug 27
  • August 27
  • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Virtual

August’s Theme is Release.

Inhale. Exhale. Release. Let the breeze roll over you, let the water flow languid, feel the tautness behind your eyes go slack. Release is a universal law—every build-up of tension must give way. Everything from the flowers to the trees need to do it to survive. 

Release is a critical part of growth, healing, and transformation. We can release each other from our claims. We can be the means of each others’ deliverance. It’s what gives the words “I release you” their power. 

What happens when we let go of emotions, expectations, habits, relationships, or thoughts that no longer serve us? What do we release in ourselves? What do we let loose into the world? 


Sam Trump is a multi-instrumentalist, and 3Arts Recipient with 15+ years of experience in live performance, vibe curation, and self management. From maintaining years of performance residencies, putting on tribute shows, special events, and booking his peers at premiere venues, Sam Trump has become a household name in the Chicago live music scene.

The pandemic brought a vibrant 7-yr stretch of full-time artistry to a halt which led to the manifestation of his notable livestream series ‘The Midnight Hour w/ Sam Trump’ where he continued to perform and provide a platform for other artist’s ideas to live. Sam Trump is co-founder of multiple Chicago-based organizations, and is a business owner and entrepreneur. He brings a sophistication that engages & uplifts. Past partners include UChicago, DCASE, Chicago Ideas, Chicago Urban League, Lululemon, SheaMoisture, REI, & Volkwagen/JettaHaus.

Most recently, Sam Trump has become the project lead for a new initiative with Build Bronzeville to establish a Creative Complex at The Forum. This initiative will create more wealth making opportunities for multi-media artists, and establish a creative economic platform for the revitalization of The Forum, the 43rd Street & Green Line transit hub, and the broader Bronzeville community.

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