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Designing Metrics & KPIs That Work

Gain real life experience with identifying, deconstructing, and aligning metrics

Feb 04
  • February 4
  • 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
  • West Loop Riverside Plaza Center

"Your sales number doesn't tie to my sales number"

"That data isn't correct"

"How did you get these figures?"

If you've ever presented data to leaders in your organization, you've probably heard these dreaded words. It diminishes trust in the data, and focuses the conversation on data quality, rather than solving the business problem.

In the "Designing Metrics & KPIs That Work" workshops, you will get hands-on experience with identifying, deconstructing, and aligning metrics. Leveraging our design thinking approach and our helpful metrics templates, you'll be able to confidently present your numbers, know what they mean, and build credibility for a data driven approach.

Who is this workshop for?

Do you work with data, provide analysis, and present information to peers and leaders? Then this course is for you!

Examples of people who might benefit:

  • Product Managers who need to define product success
  • Marketing teams who need to standardize what gets reported to the C-suite
  • Finance teams looking to streamline business-line reporting
  • Human Resources teams who want to build out better reporting
  • Sales teams looking for better ways to drive accountability

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