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Google Analytics for Beginniners: Key Concepts and Quick Wins

Jul 01
  • July 1
  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Rent 24

Everyone wants to grow their business and make their websites successful. But how do you know if you are making progress to your goals? And how do you know what marketing activities are the most efficient and cost effective to pursue?

That is the job of analytics and Google Analytics in particular. Without analytics, strategies, goals and marketing are empty.

This class is perfect for marketing strategists looking to improve the performance of their websites.

You’ll get to know the basics of using Google Analytics to track and evaluate performance and draw insights to improve your business. Starting with basic terminology and key metrics, you’ll build a foundation of knowledge before diving deeper into more complex analytics techniques, including advertising tracking and custom segments. You’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of Google Analytics’ role in running and operating your business.


  • Learn the basic setup, navigation, and interface of Google Analytics
  • Get acquainted with basic terminology and understand key metrics
  • Be able to identify the metrics that matter for your specific business case and how to use them to make educated decisions
  • Create custom segments, goals, URLs, and dashboards
  • Create automated alerts and scheduled reports
  • Learn to identify exceptions and surface actionable insights
  • Export data for further analysis in Excel
  • Design useful charts for sharing with colleagues or clients


  • Laptops are strongly encouraged.
  • Participants who have access to a Google Analytics account will be able to follow along in their own accounts as well as explore the different configurations, settings, and activities recommended during the class.
  • You do not need to have a Google Analytics account in order to attend this class.
  • Please watch this Welcome to Google Analytics for Beginners video (3 min total) 
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