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A wide array of design-related events examining the evolving definitions and responsibilities of today's designer

Oct 27
  • October 27 – November 3
  • Various

As the world around us evolves at an ever-quickening pace, design is becoming an increasingly fluid pursuit. Regardless of discipline or focus, today’s practitioners are tasked with navigating an increasingly complex, shifting landscape. The definition of design is evolving away from traditional notions of craft towards something much broader—designers craft strategies rather than static artifacts, nimble and evolving systems rather than codified toolkits. Design as an output is viewed by a growing global audience as a critical tool for helping society come to terms with the complexities that surround us.

Design and the role it plays—like the world around us—is in a constant state of motion.

In 2018, Chicago Design Week is focused on an examination of the evolving definitions, responsibilities, and societal expectations shaping the designer today.

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