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In Conversation: Bill Bartolotta, Carrie Kennedy, and Bruce Mau

A new series that brings together artists and designers from different fields

Jan 28
  • January 28
  • 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Chicago Design Museum

The Design Museum of Chicago is pleased to introduce an event series that brings prolific artists and designers from different fields together in conversation. This conversation is between Bill Bartolotta, Carrie Kennedy, and Bruce Mau, and will be moderated by Stratton Cherouny. 

This conversation will be held on Tuesday, January 28th from 5:30–7:30p at Carrie Secrist Gallery, 835 W Washington. 

Start the evening with cocktails and refreshments at 5:30pm, followed by a discussion at 6:00pm. This event will have limited capacity.

Bill Bartolotta delivers mighty solutions through multiple mediums to individuals, corporations, institutions and public spaces. He creates narratives for the integration of visual, audio, edible, touchable, aromatic and intergalactic talent into the environment. Bill designs experiences to be exclusive to the individual while inclusive to the collective. He chooses to express rather than inform. He works in various scale, a 50,000 square foot building for a one night soiree, a series of book shelf automata. Bill is dedicated to delivering experiences providing us comfort with ourselves and confidence in our desire to share.

Carrie Kennedy works as a designer, creative director and executive producer in the live event and experience space. She has spent her career creating and producing public, large-scale and unique, first time events. Her roots are in theatrical production design. Her goal is to create both immersive and theatrical experiences that push or shift the participants’ perspective or perception in some way. She approaches every project by dissecting the energy and flow of the piece and how the design can, not only support the action or intent, but also amplify it to provoke an emotional or visceral reaction.

Bruce Mau serves as Chief Design Officer of Freeman, and is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Massive Change Network (MCN), a global design consultancy based in Chicago. The work of the Canadian-born designer, innovator, visionary and author has been dedicated to applying the power of design to transforming the world. Informed by three decades of design studio experience and collaborations with many of the world’s leading artists and architects, cultural institutions and global companies, Mau has evolved his own design thinking methodology to inspire innovative solutions to challenges in any field or environment and on any scale.

Stratton Cherouny is Founder of The Office of Experience, a design and digital innovation firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. He serves on the board of directors at the Design Museum in Chicago. He is a creative director, user experience designer, and a firm believer in the notion that great design creates lasting value for businesses, brands and the people whose worlds they inhabit. His specialties include brand strategy, design thinking, user experience design, digital strategy and planning, web and mobile design, customer experience design, service design, consumer and corporate branding, design methodologies, and innovation.

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