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Introduction to Data Analytics

Data drives decisions; are you part of the conversation around data?

Jun 27
  • June 27
  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Rent 24

Regardless of your industry or role, fluency in the language of data analytics will allow you to contribute to data driven decision making. This workshop will put you in the driver’s seat to understand, analyze, and interpret data so you too can join the data conversation.

In this hands-on introductory workshop, you’ll learn to ask the right questions of your data, while learning basic analytic functionality in Google Sheets. Your newfound data analytic skills will be applied to real-world datasets, allowing you to develop recommendations based on your findings.

Learn to understand, analyze, and interpret data as you:

  • Walk through the fundamentals of data analysis.
  • Understand how data analysts translate their findings into succinct, actionable business insights 
  • Perform an exploratory analysis using real-world data.


  • Learn more about GA's Data Analytics programs.
  • Explain the relevance of data analysis across industries and job functions.
  • Evaluate the quality and structure of a dataset.
  • Use Google Sheets to perform descriptive and exploratory analysis on datasets.

  • Use data to provide concise business insights.


Participants should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer, but no previous experience in data analysis or Google Sheets is required.

A laptop is required for this workshop. Access to Google Sheets. (If you do not have access, create a Google account.)

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