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Mural Walking Tour

A group exploration of the murals of Milwaukee Avenue

Oct 27
  • October 27
  • 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

It's autumn in Chicago and that means warm cidar, watching the leaves change color, and mural season. Our city is a rich tapestry of street art waiting to be enjoyed.

Join us for a stroll down Milwaukee Avenue with your neighborhood tour guide, Michael Vaughn Green, to look at some classics and fresh faces. Expect the route to be about a mile long.

After the mural walk we'll post up at a nearby patio for a couple drinks and casual chatter. Please join us there if you're comfortable and interested.


About Michael Vaughn Green

Michael has been crafting digital experiences for over a decade. Passionate about design and FED, Micahel believes in empowering users with delight and discovery. He currently works on the internal design systems team at Conversant Media. There he leads the motion design practice and helps craft the visual experiences for the company’s web application offerings. You can find out more by visiting: https://cui.conversantmedia.com. Michael also teaches FED design and development at Columbia College and is co-founder of Night City Games; a small shop focused on designing experimental indie games. 

Michael has a background in leading the design and creative direction for web & app design interactive digital experiences, games and FED. Michael earned his Master’s degree in Interactive Media from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2007. Since then he has worked for Disney Interactive, Salesforce and created a small “indie-darling” called GetClose, for the Nintendo Wii U. 

In his spare time, Michael loves “attempting” to draw on his iPad, obsess over horror films and practice his abysmal pinball skills at Logan Arcade. He has way too many Mondo posters.

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