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Personal Branding: How to Craft and Tell Your Story

Learn to to effectively communicate with your audience and build agency for your personal brand

Feb 18
  • February 18
  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Rent 24

Why is it that we ‘just like’ some people we hardly know? From celebrities to coworkers to the people we pass on the street or follow on social media, everyday we are aligning with humans that in many cases are virtual strangers.

These are people who are sharing their personal brand with the world through their work, opinions, dress, speech and art. And while it can feel intimidating, personal branding is an opportunity for you to take ownership of how you are perceived in the world and use it for your own benefit. 

Whether your are looking to change careers, starting out for the first time or simply want to increase your visibility in your industry, developing your personal brand is crucial to standing out and getting what you want. It opens doors to new opportunities and helps you attract people, projects and jobs that are consistent with what you want to be. All you need to do is figure out who you want to be and live it everywhere, everyday. 


  • Deconstruct the elements of well-known and successful personal brands
  • Identify your target audience and goals in building a recognizable persona through your personal brand
  • Uncover the unique identifiers that differentiate you/your personal brand
  • Decipher the best way to communicate with your audience and build agency for your personal brand
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