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Show Me a Story

Put your storytelling skills to the test in this engaging two-hour workshop

Nov 16
  • November 16
  • 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

In this workshop, participants will be asked to create an original illustrated story using an increasingly limited number of frames. The workshop will challenge you to see how efficiently and effectively you can tell your story by having you distill your story down to its most essential elements and encouraging you to consider alternative ways of communicating information.

About Emmanuel Dunagan

Chicago based illustrator, Emmanuel Dunagan is an interdisciplinary artist who insists on moving freely throughout the art world. Through his highly adaptive style and collaborative nature, he lends himself to an ever-changing industry, while still managing to keep the ‘joy of art making’ alive for himself. His most recent collaborations include Sonnenzimmer, the Design Museum of Chicago, and T-Mobile.

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