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Tune-up: Portfolio Polish

A presentation on making your portfolio work for you

Nov 07
  • November 7
  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Columbia College Chicago

As a practicing designer, your portfolio is an imperative tool in developing your career. It speaks for you when you're not in the room, proves you're up to the job, and communicates the type of work you're passionate about.

You may have finished some killer projects, but the perfect portfolio won't just magically appear. It takes a lot of consideration and elbow grease to share your skills the right way. 

Don't let your portfolio cover up what you can do! Join AIGA at Columbia College Chicago for a presentation on making your portfolio work for you. We'll be covering a lot of ground, from pulling portfolio pieces together on the cheap to maintaining them for the long haul. We'll also share a local designers portfolio before and after a redesign so you can get a look at the process. Expect to walk away with some immediate next steps to get your portfolio up to snuff.

General topics the talk will cover include:
    •    What do portfolios look like for different concentrations – graphic design, motion, UX, etc.

    •    How can you pull together a slick portfolio affordably?

    •    Do’s & absolutely do-not’s

    •    In-person presentation tips (is the printed portfolio dead?)

    •    Maintaining your portfolio instead of completely overhauling it every three years

    •    The importance of process work

    •    Do you share the type or work you want to do or the type that will get you hired?

This event is part of Tune-Up, a series designed to help you get the right tools to boost your career.

6:00 to 6:15 PM — Mix, mingle, and grab refreshments
6:15 PM — Presentation
7:15 PM — Q&A

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