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Wine & Webinar – SEO Clinic: A live review of pages, keyphrases and rankings

The Popular Wine and Web series from Orbit Media Studios goes virtual.

Jul 30
  • July 30
  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Virtual

Why doesn’t it rank? There’s a reason.

In this session, we’ll find that reason and recommend the changes that may make the difference. We’ll start with a review of the two main search ranking factors: relevance and authority. In other words, content and credibility. In other words, on-page and off-site.

Then we’ll quickly move on to a real-time review of audience submitted pages and phrases. You will discover:

  • Review: Why a page doesn’t rank, or doesn’t rank higher than it does.
  • Diagnosis: If the lack of ranking is attributable to a lack of authority or a gap within the content
  • Prescription: How to either improve the rankings or shift the focus to another phrase.

You’ll witness the tools, the thinking and the recommendations from an SEO with decades experience in keyphrase targeting. Even if you don’t want to have your page reviewed, this will be an enlightening session, as we will demystify search rankings with a turbo, but detailed look at specific pages and specific rankings.

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