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Wine & Webinar: “Core Web Vitals” …and Your Google Search Rankings

Learn about Google's new “Core Web Vitals”

Apr 20
  • April 20
  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Online

Google has announced a major algorithm change. It’s coming soon.

It’s got a name.
It has reports.
It has metrics.
It’s all very stressful.

There is a LOT of information and advice out there. Some marketers are in full-on panic mode. But what is CWV really? Is it just page speed with a new name? And how should we adapt our platforms, if at all? And what the heck are LCP, FID and CLS?

Let’s take a deep breath and spend an hour with veteran SEO, Mike King. At the end of this session, we’ll have clarity, calm and confidence in the next steps for our websites and search rankings.


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